About us
Film Industry

CLARK FILM SERVICES commenced building specialized silenced generating sets for the film industry in 1979.  The generators were silenced to the extent that they could not be heard at all on the film set.  They were also fitted with electronic governing as frequency in film lighting equipment is critical.  Only the best components were incorporated in the manufacture.  Stamford alternators proved to be the most reliable and were backed up by excellent spares and service from all Stamford agents.  The same applied to Cummins and Perkins engines and it was found with both these suppliers that the stated continuous power ratings were accurate.

RALPH CLARK is the principal of CLARK FILM SERVICES and was responsible for the design and manufacture of all generator sets produced from the start. Ralph is a Marine Engineer and completed his training as an indentured apprentice with the ‘BURNS PHILP’ shipping line which at the time serviced the Pacific Islands and New Guinea. During his employment with ‘BURNS PHILP’ he had extensive experience with both ship’s generators and general power generators.

CLARK FILM SERVICES has in more recent years expanded its range to cover any application and will specify individually constructed sets to suit the individual needs of its clients.

CLARK FILM SERVICES, as the name implies, is a company dedicated to servicing you, our individual customer.  You, the customer will receive the benefit of Ralph Clark’s four decades of experience.